How did I get here

It started with mud pies in the backyard and crayon portraits at the coffee table. Food and artistry have been the two loves of my life from the beginning and my cookies are the marriage of these lovebirds. Shortly after graduating college with an art degree and a mountain of student loans, I started making cookies after my mother asked for help creating cookies for an event in her preschool class. I started building my royal icing skills and getting orders for engagements and graduations.

Today, I'm growing my custom orders around Metro Detroit, trying new things like "Better Made Brownies" - pretzel, potato chip and caramel - and branching out into farmers' markets. When I'm not at my day job, I'm working toward bigger and better things for Shayna's Cookie Jar. Whatever happens, my guiding light is to bring a little joy to someone's day with my creations, no matter how big or small.